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there’s only one person I want with me right now

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" Disagreement does not equal rejection. "


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" Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. "

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" Friends are the roses of life… pick them carefully and avoid the thorns! "


dude what the hell is happening to the world

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I hope that all the young white children witnessing what is happening in Ferguson - whether they live there or not - take this knowledge of injustice with them into adulthood so that THEY may begin to change the paradigm WRT race in this country, because the onus is not on Black folks, it’s on them. These children literally are the future and I pray these demonstrations are not done in vain.


glo boy

boy hittin that chief keef stance hard as hell

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In Ferguson, police have:
- Gunned down a teenager in the street, hands already above his head
- Referred to black neighborhoods as “fucking animals”
- Dispersed a candlelight vigil with tear gas and rubber bullets
- Occupied neighborhoods and stationed tanks on street corners
- Shut down a McDonald’s, arresting two reporters in the process
- Ordered media crews out of the city and confiscated video
- Arrested members of St. Louis city council for tweeting

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